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Dentures, Crowns, Crowns In A Day and Dental Implants for the Perfect Smile

DentureMasters & Implant Centers offers full and partial dentures, denture repairs, implants and related services to provide patients in Eugene, Oregon with the care they need for a beautiful, functional smile. Using an on-site laboratory and the experience of caring staff, we aim to deliver quality dentures and dental implants that meet your needs.

If you or a loved one needs new dentures or care for your existing dentures, call 541-345-0004 or 541-997-6226 and schedule your appointment today. 

One-day denture repairs and same-day crowns are available!

Free Consultation

Every patient begins with a free consultation appointment, with our doctors, you will leave with a diagnosis and entire treatment plan, including several options, to meet your dental and financial needs.

Because we’re a full service office, we can also begin your case in the same appointment, saving you another trip to the office.

We will outline all your appointments, including all necessary medications and follow up with your general physician.

Permanent Dentures

This new revolutionary technology of “Permanent Dentures” is a great choice for denture wearers. If you don’t like taking your dentures in and out everyday or having them move in your mouth during your favorite meal, the permanent denture is a great alternative to a standard denture set.

Having your dentures permanently secured by implants and attachments gives you the confidence that your smile will always appear natural and not embarrassing while you eat.

Call us today and take your first step to dentures you never have to remove!

Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

With revolutionary technology, you can now replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth as simply as placing an implant post and attaching a beautiful, tooth colored crown on the post simulating the strength and beauty of your natural tooth. No one will ever know it’s not your own! Now you don’t have to wear a removable partial to replace a missing tooth or destroy perfectly good adjacent teeth to fabricate a permanent bridge. Implants are designed to last a lifetime and easily replace missing or damaged teeth to give you a natural feel and smile. It’s a convenient alternative to other cumbersome prosthetics.

How Does the Dentist Do It?

At your FREE consultation appointment, our doctors will take a specialized 3-D x-ray of the area in which you want the implant placed. We use state-of-the-art technology. This special x-ray will guide our doctors to choose the proper size and placement of the implant body.

All subsequent appointments and medications will be provided at this first appointment. Within approximately 2 weeks, the implant will be placed (along with simple bone graft material if required)taking approximately 60 minutes. Implant placement is known to be a fairly quick easy procedure. Because there is no major nerve involvement, discomfort afterwards is reported to be minimal. Patients leave smiling and thanking our doctors for a pleasant experience that surprised them. Guess what? Many have returned for more and more implants to replace their missing natural teeth.

Our team will provide you with verbal and written home care instructions as well an after hour contact number at your surgery appointment. We will also provide you with dietary suggestions to make your healing phase more pleasant for you.

Cosmetic Full or Partial Dentures

At DentureMasters & Implant Center, we have done extensive research to provide our patients with the world’s most beautifully aesthetic denture teeth on the market today; as well as the teeth with high functioning chewing efficiency, sharp, durable and longer lasting in their effectiveness than any other denture teeth we have found.

Providing you with a gorgeous cosmetic look and function is our utmost concern. So Dr Ridley sent his top technician as far as Germany to observe the fabricating of the most beautiful teeth in the world as well as how to set them up to create the most beautiful, “drop dead gorgeous smile” possible! That is exactly what we do! No extent is too far to provide our denture patients with excellence and the smile they deserve!

*It is important to note, this page of our website is addressing replacement dentures or initial dentures after your teeth have been extracted for a period of time. If you need extractions as well, please refer to the “Dentures in a Day” page on this site.

How do we do it?

At your free consultation appointment, our denturist will assess your need for new dentures at that time. (If you are in need of extractions, our dentist can evaluate your need at this same appointment as well. Refer to the Dentures in a Day” page on this website).

We can provide your impression appointment for your cosmetic dentures in your free consultation appointment. The impression appointment will take approximately 20 minutes.

This is your second appointment and is typically 3-5 days after your impression appointment. A bite registration is simply a measuring appointment to determine your comfortable, efficient bite for denture construction. The appointment is approximately 45 minutes in length.

To further assist you, our friendly staff can schedule all your necessary appointments for the completion of your cosmetic dentures in an expeditious manner so you don’t have to wait too long between appointments. You’ll have that beautiful smile before you know it!

This is also one of our signature services. We will set up the denture teeth you choose on a wax rim so you can try it and begin custom designing your smile.

We will provide unlimited “try-in” appointments for you so you can get the “smile you deserve”! You may bring a favorite photo of your smile or one you admire, and we will choose teeth the size, color, and placement to match. Throughout your design appointments, we will modify your denture in the wax stage until you see that smile you love in the mirror!

After you have completed your design appointments, your denture will then be processed to become your new cosmetically beautiful smile! In approximately 4 appointments from start to finish, (not accounting for extra design appointments) your smile will be complete; after which, we provide NO CHARGE follow-up appointments to ensure your comfort and chewing efficiency.

Immediate Dentures

One of our Signature Services at DentureMasters & Implant Center is our ability to take you from start to finish to that cosmetically beautiful smile in ONE appointment under ONE roof with ONE team! You don’t have to go anywhere else. We do it all right here. That’s the DentureMasters difference! Our doctors can replace your smile in one appointment which makes healing and adapting to being a successful denture wearer a much easier process. Of course, you don’t have to walk down this path alone. You have access to our entire care team and laboratory to ensure your comfort. We always say “we turn chickens into champions” and love doing it!

So if you are frustrated with your teeth and lack a confident smile, we can restore your youthful look and ability to enjoy your favorite foods in one simple appointment. You never knew it could be so easy!

We always start by providing you with a FREE consultation appointment where the doctor will design a custom treatment plan for you. He will give you several options from which to choose so we can tailor your plan to your dental and financial needs. At this appointment, we can also provide you with impressions to fabricate your immediate dentures as well as all appointments and prescriptions you will need going forward. Your “new smile” surgery appointment can be scheduled within approximately 2 weeks. So in no time you can have your smile back!

Impressions will be taken as the first step to your new smile. This can be accomplished at your final impression appointment or at a later date for you. We can move forward immediately to make your new smile come true!

Some patients, but not all, will return for another 30 minute appointment for a bite registration. This is to determine all aspects of your bite so that your chewing ability will be satisfactory to you giving you also the most natural look.

Your next appointment will occur approximately 2 weeks after your first consultation. This is your “new smile appointment” where your teeth are removed and immediate dentures are placed. You will leave this appointment with a smile! Your dentures will serve as a bandaid for you for the next few days. They restrict bleeding and swelling while keeping your extraction sites clean when you eat.

We will send you home with verbal and written home care instructions and call to check on you that evening to answer any of your questions or concerns. Subsequent follow-up appointments are provided for you at no extra charge. You will love our continuous care program which gives you the freedom to come and go as needed without worrying about extra charges.

Come See the DentureMasters difference!

Our team will provide you with verbal and written home care instructions as well a after hour contact number at your surgery appointment. We will also provide you with dietary suggestions to make your healing phase more pleasant for you.

Same Day Relines and Repairs

Have you ever been frustrated or embarrassed because a denture tooth fell out of your aging worn denture? Only to find out there wasn’t an office in town that could repair that for you unless they mailed it out somewhere! That meant you had to be without your denture until it came back. How horrifying!

Well, not at DentureMasters! We are fast and efficient with a fully trained laboratory staff on-site to handle all your reline and repair needs in just one day and in many cases just 3 hours! So no more long wait times and embarrassing moments or missed engagements due to a denture problem.

The products we use for relines and repairs are the highest quality available. Unlike some labs who use hand-mixed acrylic, never knowing what the exact chemical bond is; we use a heat injected pre-measured premixed acrylic so we are assured that our acrylic (the pink part of your denture) has a perfect chemical bond when it is cured. This makes it safe for our technicians and you, our patient.

Because not all dentures are created equal, you can be confident our materials will not turn orange over time, collect odors, or leach out into your system because we use only the best acrylic which costs more to use, but gives you the best denture possible. Unlike the other labs he tried in the past, Dr. Ridley spares no expense investing in all the best technology and quality you deserve when you need a reline to tighten your existing denture so you can eat your favorite foods or repair your denture to get your smile back.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift

When a natural tooth is lost, whether through dental decay, periodontal disease or dental trauma, the alveolar process begins to remodel. The edentulous(toothless) area is termed a ridge, which over time usually loses both height and width. Furthermore, the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus gradually becomes lower. Overall, this leads to a loss of volume of bone which is available for implantation of dental implants, which rely on osseointegration. The goal of the sinus lift is to graft extra bone into the maxillary sinus, so more bone is available to support a dental implant.